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Blog summary: this one is much more reflective. Funny story at the end if you wanna laugh. Overall pretty boring. No stories. I can see myself moving to Costa Rica at some point in my life. Music Recommendation of the day: Tony Lucca, Matt Duke and Jay Nash, Song: Pretty Things, YOUTUBE IT!

Wow. Its been 10 days in monteverde and in some ways it seems to have flown by but in others it seems to be dragging on. I was able to meet the coordinator at the school I will be teaching at. She is unbelievable. Its wonderful to see all of these young kids who graduated from college and up and moved to costa rica. Most of them fell in love with costa rica during a semester abroad or summer trip during college (very much like what I’m doing now). I’ve been thinking about that often and how it isn’t that strange or foreign for me to imagine. Life in monteverde, and in costa rica in general is extremely relaxed. The food is simple and the people are kind. I am constantly greeted with smiles and I love that. My host family has also completely adopted me into their home. I already feel like one of the kids. My host mothers father passed away on Saturday and I spent the weekend helping/ watching Allison (or trying to at least). And although I felt very in the way and out of place, it brought me much closer to the family. However, There are things that bother me about the culture in terms of the roles that men and women play which makes it difficult for me to envision a long life here. For example, I could never marry a tico and be expected to stay at home and cook him 3 meals a day. Absolutely not. And I think that “modern” idea is frowned upon here. But that’s the only thing that bothers me. Oh and the bugs. But I would just build a well insulated and bug free home. I am enjoying my classes at the language school but I am excited to start teaching at La Creativa. The schedule/ routine of the entire experience will provide me some structure. Not only that, but they have a “uniform” aka T-shirts with the school logo on them. I am verrrry excited to buy some of these shirts so that I don’t have to pick out an outfit each day. I know my family (Katrina) is laughing and rolling their eyes at that comment but I’m very excited about it!!! I couldn’t bring many clothes and everything gets wet so this is a wonderful solution to my problem. Funny story: So the secretary at the language school brought me the telephone today and said something to me in Spanish that I really did not understand. Turns out my parents sent a package and the UPS guy was calling to tell me that it was in. Of course I really had no idea what he was saying at the time, but I took down some numbers and said si a lot and hung up. But after the conversation I realized that I had NO idea what he said and that I wouldn’t be able to get the package. Luckily I talked to the secretary after my phone conversation and told her that I couldn’t understand what the man had said. Of course she asked, “did you ask him if he spoke English” which would have been a logical thing for me to do but of course I didn’t. Luckily the secretary called the man back and once i pay the fee I can get my package. Its in San Luis right now which is about a 3 hour drive but somehow its going to get here once I pay. Haha basically I’m stupid and if I didn’t have the secretary’s help I would never get the package. So I can’t do that next time! Haha Also I have a musical recommendation although it isn’t Latin music! I haven’t listened to enough music yet here and the bar I went to on Friday night played reaggae and American stuff…kinda lame although the band was awesome (I only really watched the drummer!). but my recommendation is a CD titled TFDI by Tony Lucca, Jay Nash, and Matt Duke. Youtube the song Pretty Things. These guys are talented. And sound so beautiful together! Well, thats all for now.

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