Sweet Disposition

SUMMARY: start of school, my awesome 4th graders, plans for the weeks to come…just read it!

Song recommendation: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. Just overall feel good music. From the movie (500) days of summer which i highly recommend. ironic because summer just ended for everyone back in the states.

Well it will be two months on the 10th. Holy shit! I have been so bad at blogging but I guess that means I am really invested and immersed in this experience. I started school on August 11th and time has FLOWN since then. I have 19 kids in my class, 10 boys and 9 girls. They are in fourth grade, which means they are all about 10 years old. They boys are crazy and the girls are little princesses. They all speak English but some more than others. I spend my days helping out with projects (i.e. decorating the room, grading work, organizing) and the other half walking around helping with math, translating words into English, or scolding the boys! The kids have writing, reading, math and science every day in English and an hour for Spanish or social studies every day (which is taught in Spanish). They have two recesses every day, one for 15 mins and the other for 30 mins. They have snack and lunch before each recess. Every kid brings their own lunch and snack but there are very strict policies about what they can bring (aka no sweets, juices, or chips). The boys live for soccer and even bring a change of clothes for each recess. One boy in my class brings goalie gloves and cleats! The kids have art once a week and P.E. once a week. School starts at 8 and goes until 3. The school is amazing in general but what makes it great is my teacher Erica. She taught for 6 plus years in NYC. She is strict and definitely not the cuddly elementary school teacher you see in the movies but she is brilliant and so passionate about the kids. She thinks about them 24/7 and they are learning so much because of her teaching methods. I already have a few favorite students and can’t imagine leaving. On September 15th we are celebrating the Independence of Costa Rica. There is a giant parade, which the school has been preparing for throughout August and September! I’m in the BAND and will be marching in the parade! I have been renting my host brothers drum because he already graduated! The band consists of tenor and bass drums (watch the movie Drumline if you need a visual) and consists of about 30, 5th through 11th graders. Not only am I am the only teacher/ intern who has every participated, but I am also the only GIRL so I’m pretty nervous for the parade. Next week I need to work on playing and WALKING at the same time because they aren’t going to teach us/ practice this until the day before the parade.
I have been spending my weeks with the family or cousins, watching movies with Allison, walking into town, and going to the bar on the weekends. I went fishing on a tiny little pond this week and also went on a night hike with a tour guide cousin. I’ve been to the local indoor soccer arena twice now to watch the brothers and locals play indoor soccer. A few weekends ago I went to the local high school gym to play BINGO for mothers day. It was SO fun. Overall I am just trying to do what my family or locals do. Today I went on bus duty, which means I had to walk about 5 miles from the end of the bus route back home…oh and it was POURING! But on the way home I stopped at the yoga studio and got the September schedule. I am very excited to start taking classes there. I am turning 21 on Wednesday! WOO HOO. I’m just excited for the awesome cake that my host mom is going to make me. She is practically a professional cook/ baker and is known in monteverde for her amazing food. I have to make sure she teaches me all of her skills so that I can come back and make gallo pinto and all the amazing food I eat here. Here is a list of things I want to learn in the next 3 months: drive a motorcycle, drive the ATV, make gallo pinto, make frijoles, make tortillas, visit Poas volcano and the Caribbean coast.
Things to come…today I am going horseback riding!, next weekend I hope to go to San Jose to buy some new teacher clothes. However I might not need to do this because I found a few adorable shops in Monteverde that I might have to check out. The weekend after that will be my first long weekend so I am going to Playa Hermosa, on the Pacific Coast. I am super excited although it will probably rain the entire time. The rain is getting pretty bad. Everyday by 3 is starts raining and usually continues until 7 pm if not through the night. I’m used to it by now and bought another raincoat because my other one was shitty! However, when the sun comes out it is GLORIOUS and I appreciate it that much more. I’m super exciting for my mom, dad, and sister, Anna, to visit for Thanksgiving break! I think I am going to take the week off so that we can travel around Costa Rica. Some key places we are going to visit is Arenal, Poas (maybe), Monteverde (obviously) and the Pacific Coast for some beach/ R&R. I’m also super excited for KATRINA to officially start her GAP YEAR is Central America! I hope to see her when she passes through San Jose in November! WOO HOO! Well thats all for nowwww

Favorite Words: tuanis= cool, Linda=cute, salchichon= sausage (which I have eaten and really like!!!) confites = candies, chunches =thingamajig (direct translation from wordreference.com)

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  1. your life sounds so fun! i'm jealous/so, SO happy for you. love you infinite amounts.

    bie :)