Can´t Believe It

Katrina is definitely inspiring me to blog more and I am just so impressed with her. I went to Nicaragua for a visa run because you are only allowed to stay in Costa Rica for 90 days are must leave for more than 3 days before returning to the country. So I went to Nicaragua. It was really hot, pretty dirty, very poor, but some parts were beautiful. Here is what I learned from either my own mistakes or mistakes of others on my trip:

1. I really dislike traveling in large groups (there were 13 of us). I recommend 2, 3 or 4 people who you like or at the very least people you know
2. Hostels are usually pretty dirty so I recommend bringing a little blanket or pillow if you can fit it in your bag
3. A large hiking backpack is a must
4. Rei and ems makes new and improved fanny packs, which I highly recommend
5. Hand sanitizer and moist towlets come in handy, especially after walking the mile across the Costa Rican Nicaraguan boarder in flip flops (oh and bring extra for the 13 people on your trip) or just wear sneakers
6. Motrin Tylenol and Neosporin are a must
7. Um…don’t drink water. Even if you are having cereal with powdered milk in the morning. Use bottled water. Also don’t drink the weird water that comes in a little baggie.
8. Check if restaurants use tap water in smoothies or ice in drinks…or just go with a milk based smoothie if you are not lactose intolerant
9. Be flexible. If you are doing Group Diners just compromise. If you don’t like broccoli just get over it and push it off to the side. If you get stuck in the back of the large transport car every time and want to puke just breathe.
10. If you are in a Group try to find alone time. It is wonderful to explore a new place by yourself (during the day of course)
11. A knife and a jar of peanut butter are a necessary item to pack. Thanks to my mother I bring peanut butter everywhere. And you know what, I ended up eating the entire jar. Such a great snack and energy Booster. Thanks Mom! I know we teased you for being way over prepared and overpacking but you always had the right stuff.
12. Don’t forget your camera charger. When you are leaving at 4am and were charging your camera overnight because u clearly forgot before hand, for god’s sake don’t leave the battery in the charger plugged into the wall in your room (yes I did this)
13. A really good cotton dress is a must. You can dress it up to go out, wear it during the day when you are sweating like a pig, and it can be folded up into nothing
14. If you are lost just ask (well it helps if you speak Spanish) but it really is more efficient to ask for help instead of walking in circles for hours in 100 degree heat
15. Bring two books. Or make sure you aren’t almost done with your book so that when you are lounging at the Laguna you actually have a second book to read.
16. Bring extra plastic bags incase things get wet. If you want to be extra careful put all of your clothes in plastic bags just in case.
17. Remember a towel for the shower or Laguna or pool

Song: Can´t Believe It by T-Pain (there is a pretty awesome Costa Rica shout out in the song...hence the reccomendation)

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  1. -did you drink the water and get sick?! or was that someone on your trip?
    -i definitely agree with the travel in small groups thing. 13 is a lot!
    -props on the cotton dress tip. so true.
    -yes fanny packs. yes.
    -peanut butter! i know i used to hate it, but it's so goooood!

    those are my comments.

    oh, and sweet song. have you ever heard the mash-up version?